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Inception, 2020

Price: $2,500.00


Ghiora Aharoni

Inception, 2020

Archival print on fine art paper

21 inches x 21 inches framed, with museum plexi

Edition of 36, with 3 APs

©2020 Ghiora Aharoni

Benefit Edition for the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art


With Inception, one of the assemblage sculptures from Aharoni’s Genesis Series—which incorporates a vintage 50 liter glass flask engraved with the Genesis text from the Torah, and is topped with a 19th century silver Torah crown—becomes an image which explores the perception of time and creation. On the floating glass vessel, the Genesis text begins at the center with identical text moving in opposite directions, becoming the lyrical expression of an expanded dimension of time: circular rather than linear, simultaneously moving forward and backward.

The dual direction of the text—inspired by the Kabbalistic idea that while our current existence was indeed the beginning of creation there were perhaps other beginnings prior to ours—echoes the often divergent paths of that which is logical and the divine. By intertwining time and creation within this context, Aharoni explores the boundaries of their metaphysical dimensions, and expands the notion of creation into an unending, dynamic process—resonating in both the divine and the mortal realms.

Each work will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist. 

A note about shipping -- Artwork purchased on or before October 19, 2020 will be available for pick up at Virginia MOCA no later than October 25, 2020 with no additional charge for packing and shipping. In the event a purchase is made after October 19, Abby Lockler,, will contact you to make shipping arrangements and process the shipping fee payment. In addition, artwork purchased after October 19, 2020 will be shipped within four weeks of purchase.


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