Pre-K Art Day - March 3/16/17


  • $7.00


Join MOCA for an hour long program which combines inquiry-based gallery tours, literacy, creative movement exercises and hands-on art making activities.  Early experiences with the arts help young learners develop critical thinking, fine motor skills, communication, and social skills.  Each Pre-K Art Day is developed to cover a wide range of Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning; as well Virginia Standards of Learning for Kindergarten.  Help your Pre-K learner begin their school career with an with a strong foundation, register for MOCA’s Pre-K Art Days! 

March Pre-K Art Day

Art Moves Me. 

This month we will be reading “Giraffes Can’t Dance.”  Gerald the giraffe feels left out, because all of the other animals dance so well.  Will Gerald listen to his heart and dance to the beat of his own music?  Moving to the galleries we will discover how dancers were inspired by artist Sophia Jung-Am Park’s sculptures.  After the tour artists will create sculptures that will move them to dance.

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