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SP2104 Photo I: Introduction to Photography Wed AM


  • $135.00


Photo I: Introduction to Photography
Instructor: Judith Soule
This virtual class presents a solid foundation of digital SLR camera use through virtual in-class demonstrations and lectures as well as hands on classwork and homework. Lectures and assignments cover manual shooting modes, image storage capabilities, file types, menus, exposure, light, shutter effects, and the resulting creative possibilities. A digital SLR camera is preferable but any camera with manual capabilities will work as well for this class. No previous camera knowledge or experience is required. Photo editing skills will not be covered in this class. Please have the manual that came with your camera for the first class. Both daytime and evening times available!
Members $120, Nonmembers $135

May 19 – June 23
Wednesdays, 9:30 – 11:30am
6 Weeks; Beginner

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